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Hashi is Dev Protocol's design system. Aiming to bring a unified user experience when using Dev Protocol products, to present an elegant user interface for consumers to interact with, and to be able to create the same user interfaces regardless of any frontend framework.



While making the design system, we've got a few aims we want to achieve. Whilst accessibility is already an obvious aim, we've listed down three more key aims.


One of Hashi's aims is to unify the Dev Protocol ecosystem user experience. By unifying the design, it further develops a stronger foundation for building the Dev Protocol brand.


Apart from having a consistent design, we want an interface that looks pleasing to look at.

Framework Agnostic

Upon looking at the Dev Protocol ecosystem's current tech stack, we saw a lot of technologies being used, ranging from React, to Vue, to just plain HTML, CSS, and JS. If we want to unify the experience by making everything consistent, the implementation must be agnostic of any framework.