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Version: 1.2.1

Separating Stylesheets

One of the most common architecture when it comes to the style file system is separating the css files into sizeable chunks. Vue and css modules does this really well.

Hashi provides a toggle for these kinds of situations. The $modular-mode variable disables all token, key, and breakpoint validations for you to be able to use tokens in separate files.

@use 'node_modules/@devprotocol/hashi' with (
$modular-mode: true

By default, $modular-mode is set to false. Set it to true to use it.

It also has an alias called $vue-mode. However, this variable will be deprecated from the minor 1.4.x release.

@use 'node_modules/@devprotocol/hashi' with (
$vue-mode: true

You do need to declare the $modular-mode: true in every separated style file, or else it will throw an error for invalid tokens, keys, and breakpoints.

Now you can enjoy separating styling concerns!


// main.scss
@use 'node_modules/@devprotocol/hashi' with ($modular-mode: true);

@include hashi.init();
<!-- HSComponent.vue -->

<style lang="scss">
@use 'node_modules/@devprotocol/hashi' with ($modular-mode: true);

.hs-component {
@include hashi.color-fill('component', 'accent-400');