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Version: 1.2.1

Dark Mode

Hashi is dark mode-ready out of the box. To enable dark mode, just add the hashi-theme attribute to the <html> tag in your html file, and specify dark as the value.

<html hashi-theme="dark">

This will automatically flip everything to dark mode, from component styles, to the utility classes, to the tokens themselves. Hence, no additional configuration will be needed.

Declaring dark mode styles in SCSS

Hashi provides you an SCSS mixin to declare dark mode styles inside a component style. Admittedly, you won't be needing to reach for this as much, we're only providing this as an escape patch whenever the current offering/s aren't enough.

This will most likely be used when you style a component using our component composition API.

@use 'node_modules/@devprotocol/hashi';

.hs-component {
// Default styles

@include hashi.dark-mode {
// Dark mode styles